Supporting the studio arts in Southern California
P.O. Box 460
San Marcos, CA 92079
North San Diego County
We've recently moved our hot glass shop to a new on-site location with more room. Nottingham has a
300 lb furnace, two glory holes, two benches, two
marvering tables and plenty of annealer space. And
now, a little extra elbow room.
For more information. or to shedule shop time, visit our Hot Glass page.
Featured Artist
Michael Hermann
Glass Artist
All of our rental studios are currently occupied.  Please check this page for future availability.
Upcoming Events:

David and Mary Cuzick workshop April 19-20, 2014.

They will demonstrate their work methods, discuss glazes and firing, and talk about being full time ceramists living in San Diego. The cost for the two day workshop is $ 125. See their beautiful creations at: Use the email link below for more info.

San Diego Wood Turners hold monthly workshops at Nottingham.  Click here for info.

Glass F
using and Casting Classes and Workshops with Rob Morey - Click here for info.

For more information about the center, please send us an email:

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